The first vegetable oil  coffee cup made in the UK

Circular Coffee Cup

The first vegetable oil
coffee cup made in the UK

A circular coffee cup solution made from renewable feedstock. Aimed at reducing plastic and paper-based waste packaging.

Rapid delivery, responsibly made

As an ecologically responsible brand, Reuser challenged the team at IDC to assist in the design and development of the cup lids for their reusable coffee cup, with a system in place to clean and redistribute to partnering coffee shops and restaurants. Maintaining their vision for a fully circular system and lifecycle, IDC and Naiad plastics helped to provide a sustainable approach to mass production. Tackling all stages of the design process and working with revolutionary bio polymers derived from renewable feedstocks whilst maintaining core function, unit cost and durability.

The engineering team took the project from initial design and concepts through to production in 6 months, rapidly delivering a solution that maintained the requirement of being made responsibly from renewable sources.

Bio plastic

Pioneering emerging bio-polymers

With decades of experience working with plastic as well as a UK injection moulding facility under the IDC umbrella, offered a framework in which to iterate around the use of different bio polymers. Naiad became the first UK manufacture to use ‘Bornewables’ Bio-PP within the food and drink industry, while Reuser became the first business to implement this innovation in its reuse system. Derived from renewable feedstocks, this plant-based plastic is traceable to point of origin and fully ISCC PLUS certified.

Supporting the introduction of this material with pre-production runs and fine tuning to the tool, meant that the transition to mass production was as smooth as possible. Naiad are now a highly critical cog within the Reuser circular model.

Isometric system diagram
mould halves
mould halves


We chose to partner with IDC for their profound ability to ensure commercial success through the minefield of production as well as delivering on the engineering and design hurdles we faced. Our core mandate of sustainable interaction was made possible through their UK-based injection moulding company, Naiad Plastics for which we are delighted. We look forward to our continued partnership with IDC and Naiad to fulfill our mission to replace the disposable, single-use food and beverage system with innovative reusable solutions.

Andrew Matthews I  Founder of REUSER

disposable cup comparison

Our involvement in Reuser:

  • Reverse engineering original design
  • Concept generation for cover
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Testing
  • Prototype review
  • Bio polymer research/analysis
  • Material lifecycle review
  • Detailed design for manufacture
  • 2D engineering drawings
  • CMF strategy and specification
  • Tool requisition
  • Tuning and part updates
  • Full production runs
  • Production support

Reuser Cup

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