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Developing the World's First Web-Browsing Robot

Working for internet security experts, Garrison, IDC’s brief was to develop a robot for the purpose of demonstrating their cyber security technology.

The project took advantage of all IDC's capabilities: from design and engineering to prototyping, testing and production, with the robot being produced in only 7 months.

Bully Wetsuit Washer Demonstration

Professional surfers, MAS Bully, were inspired to develop a solution to the problem of cleaning wetsuits. This resulted in the world's first wetsuit washer - designed by IDC.

IDC develops the first retractable windsail for the crane industry

Working for Select Plant Hire, IDC helped design the perfect windsail solution for luffing jib cranes facing tough space and safety restrictions in urban environments.

Van Guard ULTI Rack on Test at the Transport Research Laboratory

Putting our technology to the test, this video shows Van Guard's pioneering roof rack, the ULTI Rack, being tested for stability and safety at the Transport Research Laboratory. IDC designed the roof rack with innovative 'click & lock' mechanisms to avoid the use of nuts and bolts - dramatically reducing installation time onto vans, giving Van Guard a vital competitive advantage in the market.

Quantel - LiveTouch Case Study

IDC worked with world-leading broadcast technology company, Quantel, to create a futuristic new control panel for Quantel’s LiveTouch studio sports highlighting system. We talk about the process of developing LiveTouch.

Dr Ken Philips - Lazer SuperSkin Motorcycle Helmet

IDC designed a revolutionary motorcycle helmet which reduces dangerous rotational head injuries by up to 60% and provides up to 70% more protection than conventional helmets. Dr Ken Philips talks about how the helmet works and demonstrates its performance during tests.

Queen Mary University of London - Multiple Sclerosis Monitor Case Study

IDC developed an electronic multiple sclerosis (MS) monitor - its second medical design project for the University of London's Queen Mary college. The device includes a bio-sensor holder and base unit enclosure for monitoring the condition of those living with MS. The product analyses tiny blood samples and measures a specific protein marker, matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9), to indicate worsening MS.

Prototyping in Product Design and Development

Our MD, Stephen Knowles, talks about how prototyping can be used to accelerate the product design and development process, with information on how rapid prototyping can be used and a demo of IDC Models' SLA Viper machine in action. Full details of these services are available at:

IDC Models' Online SLA Ordering Process

IDC Models was the UK's first model maker to launch a full online quote and ordering system for its stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing service. Full details of the service are available at:

Celebrating Christmas with a Homegrown SLA Snowflake

IDC Models demonstrates the intricacy of SLA 3D printed parts and helps us enjoy the festive season. Visit for further information about our 3D printing services.