A proven formula tailored to your needs

Our unique, quality managed design process offers reassurance for world-class product development. Compliant to ISO9001 and ISO13485, we ensure the perfect combination of user experience, outstanding design quality and technological innovation to make better products for customers.

The IDC design process incorporates four sections - Explore, Create, Define & Deliver - to take your project from concept to profitable commercial product in a rapid and reliable way. These four sections are risk managed and include 27 key development stages, which act as a framework for us to build a tailored development programme for your new product.

We are exceptional in providing an in-house rapid prototyping and specialist production facility, IDC Models, which enables quality and user testing throughout the design process.

 EXPLORE  understanding user & market needs

understanding user & market needs


We believe creativity is built on discovery and insight into real users. The explore stage is where we undertake research to gather the insights which benefit users and create commercial advantage.

We undertake contextual research to identify unmet needs. Techniques including desk research, ethnography, interviews and observations are used, depending upon the needs and opportunities of the project.

Competitors, market data, technologies, patents and regulatory requirements are also reviewed at this stage to ensure all the risks and opportunities are identified.

CREATE innovative solutions & inspiring concepts

innovative solutions & inspiring concepts


In the create stage the skill, creativity and experience of our team is used to translate the ideas, insights and opportunities into tangible concepts. Test rigs are made to prove out engineering solutions and sketches, foam models and mock ups are used to validate the design and improve it further.

Photo-realistic renderings create the product vision to get people excited.

DEFINE smarter design & engineering solutions

smarter design & engineering solutions


We believe true innovation is achieved by unifying design with engineering. Commercial success depends on smart ideas and attention to detail.

In the define stage, our team works seamlessly to define engineering detail and design for manufacture to ensure fit, function and performance. Creativity and manufacturing know-how is used to design the most efficient, intelligent and sustainable solution, whilst ensuring that the exciting product vision is fully realised.

DELIVER precision products on time & on budget

precision products on time & on budget


Our ultimate goal is the same as yours - to create successful products. That requires consistent, high-quality and reliable manufacturing.

In the deliver stage we ensure that the transfer from a great design and prototype to a successful, commercially available product is rapid and reliable. We select and work with suppliers around the world to transfer our knowledge of the design into manufacturing processes and quality procedures. We work with test houses and regulatory authorities to meet standards and get approvals.

With a legacy of prestigious product developments, we know that the final steps are just as important as the first.