Prototyping capability

With extensive workshops, highly skilled technicians and the latest CNC and rapid prototyping technologies, our team responds rapidly to support our development projects and reduce lead times. Our prototyping and production capabilities are certified to ISO9001 and ISO13485 and include:

  • Precision CNC machining (metal, plastics and wood)
  • High accuracy Viper SLA 3D printing
  • Prusa FDM 3D Printing
  • Painting and finishing
  • Full woodworking shop
  • Dust free (white room) assembly areas
  • Dedicated testing laboratory.

The right output for your job

Different projects and the different development stages require diverse outputs. Depending on your project needs our rapid prototyping team can deliver:

  • Rough models to quickly prove-out ideas and test ergonomics
  • Test rigs to support research and experimentation
  • Finely-detailed aesthetic models for marketing and board-level approvals
  • Functional realistic models to obtain initial market feedback
  • Rapid parts to support your in-house development or production
  • Multiple pre-production prototypes for testing, validation and clinical trials
  • Production assembly of complex high value products.

In addition to supporting IDC's product development projects, clients can work direct with IDC Models, our rapid prototyping division. For more information contact us or visit the IDC Models website.

3D printing in-house Viper SLA machine

3D printing
in-house Viper SLA machine

Our SLA (stereolithography) machine produces the highest quality, highest tolerance rapid prototype parts available in the industry.

Our SLA 3D printing service

Our SLA (stereolithography) machine produces the highest quality, highest tolerance rapid prototype parts available in the industry.

We use transparent Accura 60 resin to build the model structure, layer by layer, to tolerances of just 0.05mm with 0.2mm minimum feature sizes, whilst ensuring the highest quality parts with the smoothest finish.

Our highly durable parts can be used for various applications including; patterns, demonstrator models and precision builds.

IDC Models online quotation and order service lets you upload your files for an instant quotation and easy ordering. Parts can also be painted to your chosen colour and finish.


CNC machining service

We can take care of all your CNC Machining needs with our in-house facilities, from one-offs to low volume production runs.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining can be used to produce 3D forms directly from CAD data without the risk of interpretation error. Our high precision vertical machining and turning centres ensure that your design intent is fully realised and maintained.

Model making for real excitement

Model making
for real excitement

Stunning models bring ideas to life. We use a wide range of skills to rapidly create finely detailed models at any scale.

See our rapid model making in action

Watch our video to see what happened when IDC Models was challenged with the task to complete the life-size model of a dream racing car in just four weeks.

Using data supplied by Polyphony in Japan, the model was assembled in sections to its full size of 4.75 meters long by 2.2 meters wide. Each model section was CNC machined and then fitted together and finished to give a seamless surface finish.

To find our more about all our prototyping, production and model making services please contact us.

Case studies showing IDC's prototyping and model making