Surveillance tool production support


Surveillance tool
production support

IDC Models prototyped and manufactured essential structural components for a robust thermal infrared night vision device.

The T-iViewer thermal imager is a refined surveillance tool, providing the user with vision in total darkness. The infrared technology allows the unit to locate hidden compartments in vehicles and buildings and monitor sensitive border crossings through thick mist. It is ideal for both urban and rural observation actions.

IDC Models developed a prototype of the T-iV, to help test its design as a robust, heavy duty product, that will withstand a drop onto concrete and total immersion in water. IDC's production team then went on to manufacture the T-iV enclosures.

The enclosures that IDC produced formed the protective shell and structural housing of the product. They were made from a high strength polyurethane plastic that IDC moulded using its vacuum casting process. This process provided a low tooling cost option for the manufacture of the product, whilst allowing integral and custom colouring of the parts.

The vacuum casting process is especially suited for production runs of 5 to 200 parts per annum. IDC manufactured around 75 moulding sets per year for ISS.