Sample preparation for  elemental analysis

Hydraulic Press

Sample preparation for
elemental analysis

IDC helped design and engineer Specacs new Apex 400 bench top press, translating their brand identity to fit seamlessly into their expanding product line up.

Increased efficiency for sample preparation

The Apex 400 is a compact hydraulic press dedicated to the production of pressed pellets for XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and other elemental analysis.

There were key design considerations for IDC around the interaction points including the access draw and the digital user interface ensuring they are accessible for everyone when mounted on a workbench.

Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press
Initially, user testing was conducted using cardboard models with a range of heights to define the interaction points to design around and analyse how the user would best operate the device.

This resulted in an angled screen which optimises the readability for both small and tall users. The sample loading tray is positioned at a comfortable height for repeated sample filling and is easily operated with a pull handle. The design makes the sampling process more efficient
Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press

Using IDC’s expertise of manufacturing and sheet metal forming, the engineering team carried out the final design for manufacture.

The press has been designed with maintenance and servicing in mind. The modular fitment of the componentry allows for easy accessibility and repair. The structure allows the device to be moved too and from site using a crane attached through the top hook.

Hydraulic Press

Our involvement in developing Specac’s hydraulic press:

  • Contextual research
  • Industrial Design
  • CMF strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Full CAD design for manufacture
  • 2D Engineering drawings
Hydraulic Press

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