Gozney Dome Premium outdoor oven

Gozney Dome

Gozney Dome
Premium outdoor oven

A professional outdoor oven for restaurant quality food in your garden. Engineered ready for production by IDC.

The Dome

High end pizza oven company, Gozney, came to IDC for support in developing its latest wood-fired pizza oven. The company specialises in stone baked pizza ovens for both commercial and domestic customers and has a reputation for iconic design, as well as exceptional cooking performance. Gozney had a plan in place for their latest outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, the Dome, which was aimed at the domestic market, but wanted IDC to review their initial plans and optimise the design for manufacturing.

IDC’s first step was to set up a series of brainstorming sessions to generate innovative ideas to improve the design further. These included scalable engineering solutions for potential size changes to the product in the future, and simplification of the components for easy assembly.

gozney dome
gozney dome
gozney dome

Using its wide experience of manufacturing and sheet metal forming, IDC proposed a new approach to the outer metal pressings, looking at the depth and angles to suit the smooth, domed geometries of the product. The optimisation of the design for manufacture and assembly was carefully balanced with retaining the core functions of the internal geometry of the oven to control the flames and retain the outstanding cooking performance of the original design. With an engineering plan in place, the team then focused on refining tolerances, finishes and all elements of design for manufacturing.

A particular challenge of the project was working to develop engineering solutions within the constraints of the industrial design. This was made easier by good communication, working alongside Gozney, which enabled the project to be completed in under six months - from first engineering plans to samples.

gozney dome

Our involvement in developing Gozney Dome:

  • Detailed analysis of client's intent
  • Identification of technical problems and risks
  • Consulting on most appropriate design approach and production techniques
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Full CAD design for manufacture
  • Tolerance stack analysis
  • 2D Engineering drawings

Video Credit: Mintviz

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