Ground-breaking innovation furthering sustainability

Aquiv8 415 Ag+ Showerhead

Ground-breaking innovation
furthering sustainability

Using patented air induction, IDC developed a water-saving showerhead and enabled cost-effective bespoke features with three different colour shower rose options.

Listen to Challis' Technical Director introducing the shower head and his thoughts about IDC's role in the development.

Carbon footprints, sustainability and 'Going Green,' are all concepts that have taken on a very important meaning in light of climate change and increasingly diminishing natural resources.

The bathroom uses the highest amount of water in a building, however, water usage can be economised through environmentally conscious design techniques, which focus on maintaining the integrity of the environment. The Aquiv8 415 shower handset aims to achieve environmental consciousness.

The Aquiv8 415 encompasses the use of design, materials as well as technology to minimise the carbon footprint, using a patented air induction system, the user is wet by a series of discrete droplets rather than by continuous streams of water which make the shower head more efficient whilst maintaining the level of performance required, which creates both improved human and environmental conditions.

By manufacturing the shower handset in the UK, the carbon footprint is also drastically reduced by eliminating unnecessary and harmful emissions created by transporting the product from another country.

The shower handset also has a dual-benefit. By incorporating a silver based antimicrobial additive which is an excellent biocide, it has the added advantage of an antibacterial capability to eliminate infections such as MRSA, E-Coli and Salmonella.

This showerhead is now being used effectively to support infection control in hospitals. Challis are selling 70,000 antibacterial shower heads a year for this.

With an aesthetic design inspired by the eroded shape of pebbles, its antibacterial properties, as well as heightened sense of integrity for the environment, the Aquiv8 415 shower handset aims to be at one with nature by reducing both water and energy usage.

“Our investment in IDC has been paid back many times over and we were delighted with their work on our showerhead. Not only was it a design for the future, but they produced it in a very timely and cost effective manner. As a company, we had no previous design experience and by working collaboratively with IDC, their team skilfully guided us through the process to ensure we avoided any pitfalls during manufacturing.”

Christopher Challis, Sales Director at AL Challis