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When I took over from Mike Woodhall in 2006, I was inspired by the impact that IDC's products made in the world and was determined to take this to the next level using the diverse talents of the team. We are at the leading edge of innovation because we have a passion for developing products that really make a difference to people's lives.

Stephen Knowles, Managing Director

Creative thinking for better results & commercial success

IDC is one of the world's leading independent product development consultancies. We are dedicated to using smarter insights, technology and design to make the very best products to improve lives and maximise profits for clients.

We have an exceptional product design heritage which spans almost 50 years. Our team also includes IDC China - in fact we were the first British agency in Shanghai offering trusted, high level design and ‘on the ground’ support to Chinese and international companies.

We understand that great ideas and design are only the start of the journey, and our vision is to deliver low cost, problem free manufacturing, high margins, product performance, reliability, and product longevity.

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