Generating IP avoiding disputes

Generating IP
avoiding disputes

Smarter design for IP

Our team of designers and engineers have between them developed over one hundred patents for clients in diverse sectors including: consumer products, medical devices, industrial machinery, renewable energy, packaging and business equipment.

Our excellent track record of understanding intellectual property and developing new ideas enables our clients to access competitive and regulated markets with successful, innovative and patented products.

Through our experience in the highly patented field of medical device development, we have developed a process for clients which enables them to develop new and innovative products which avoid infringing competitors' IPR and which can be patented in their own right.

The IDC process is built on a unique combination of technical knowledge, a familiarity and understanding of patents and the creative and inventive flair of our team.

Our patent process

  1. At the start of the project, we work with your IP team or our patent attorneys to review the background IP and to link the products with the relevant patents.
  2. In parallel we think, research and experiment to find the best technical solutions which will deliver a great product and user experience.
  3. We then review the concepts to see if any of these ideas might infringe competitor patents. Any concepts that might fall foul are either eliminated or modified to avoid the features of the competitor IP.
  4. The shortlist concepts are then reviewed in detail by our patent attorneys to confirm freedom to operate.
  5. As the product develops we identify novel features and assist in the creation of the specification for your patent application.
  6. Our rules on IP ownership are straightforward - under our standard terms of business, if you pay the bill, we transfer the patent rights.
Focused research product performance

Focused research
product performance

We use focused research and experimentation to enhance the performance of products and to define, refine and apply new technologies

Research for in-depth understanding

Research and experimentation is a key element of our product development process. IDC frequently undertakes the development of test rigs to experiment and understand how to apply scientific and technical principles to new design applications.

Our well equipped laboratory is dedicated to analysis and testing work, and together with our on-site rapid prototyping workshop, allows rapid and focused testing and iteration of new ideas as well as performance verification.

The technical knowledge gained in IDC’s laboratories has frequently resulted in patents for our clients.