Training & Development  for sustainability

Training & Development
for sustainability

Sustainable design as an opportunity

We would like our clients to enjoy the many benefits of sustainable design.

From years of experience placing sustainability at the heart of our own design process, we know it has the power to drive innovation, quality and economic growth, improve reputation and consumer demand. But we also recognise that the process can be daunting and that’s why we have developed Sustainable Design Training.

Each workshop supports the needs of design teams by equipping them with a thorough understanding of sustainable design, tools and techniques, right through to actually defining strategies and solutions so sustainable design can become a fully integrated part of the company’s own development process.

IDC's sustainable design training

Our training programme is tailored to the individual needs of design teams and includes:

  • A half or full day workshop on site at your premises
  • Workshop supported by IDC’s experienced team
  • Up to 30 delegates
  • A programme to suit the unique requirements of your team, including interactive sessions
  • Post-workshop supporting tools and materials
  • Typical content may include:
    • Understanding and approaching sustainable design
    • Benchmarking current and competitor products
    • Sustainable design tools
    • Identifying future opportunities
    • Strategies and steps to implementation
    • Case studies
    • Breakout sessions to apply tools and techniques to your own products.

For further information or to book a training session, please contact us.