Our mission is simple at IDC. We innovate to create successful products which improve people's lives. Our work in the injection pen market is a big part of that. IDC's four stage process covers everything from user research and human factors, design, engineering and prototyping to production, verification testing and market approval. Patents and IP are an increasingly important part of developing injection pens, with certain areas having huge numbers of patents which need to be avoided. IDC has wide experience of avoiding competitor IP within the injection pen market and obtaining patents for the innovative new products we develop for our clients. Some of the world's leading drug delivery device companies choose IDC as their product development partner because we deliver results. Innovative new products that are cost effective with reliable production delivered on time and on budget.

A full service for Injection Pen development projects

Mechanical Engineering & IP Development

Our clients benefit from the design and engineering capability of IDC to solve complex mechanical challenges, avoid patent infringement and create new intellectual property. We've consistently delivered on these factors for varied clients in the injection pen market for many years now and it's something that sits at the core of our offering.

Industrial Design, Usability & Brand Language

Injection pens can be incredibly personal products that can go everywhere with their users and need to be dependable. Our industrial design team can work with your product and marketing teams to craft a visual strategy that aligns with your brand and appeals to your customers.

Visual brand language is one aspect, but we also sweat the details to make these products as comfortable, safe and reliable as they can possibly be by developing intuitive devices with pleasing user experiences right from the start.

Regulatory Planning & Documentation

Our project teams are experienced in meeting regulatory standards and we also work with safety and performance test houses around the world to suit the needs of the project. From a regulatory perspective there are various aspects we can support with:

  • Safety and performance testing to CE, Class 1, 2A and 2B
  • Design History Files/Technical file documentation
  • Risk analysis
  • Verification protocol development
  • Clinical trials support
  • Product certification
  • Patent drawings and application
  • Design verification protocol development
  • Regulatory submission support to CE and FDA

Prototyping & Testing

Through our in-house prototyping facility including high resolution SLA and FDM 3D printing, we are able to produce prototypes at all stages of the injection pen development process allowing us to refine the design from a mechanical, visual and usability perspective.

At IDC, we also have the necessary equipment to carry out dose accuracy testing and force testing while working closely with a range of test houses to ensure our devices meet all ISO 11608 and design verification requirements. We are involved in every phase from pre-production samples, production tooling & sampling, IQ, OQ & PQ support through to verification batch production, to then ensure smooth delivery of EB batches prior to product launch. At all stages working closely with our manufacturing partners to achieve a smooth transition to mass production.

Previous Injection Pen Developments by IDC

Injection Pen Design

What our clients say about us


We have chosen to partner with IDC on multiple drug delivery device projects now, and each time they have exceeded our expectations delivering great design and engineering work in response to technically complex problems in a short time frame. We really value their ability to develop new IP for our business in what is a challenging market. I highly recommend partnering with IDC for any medical device development projects.

Amit Sanghvi |  Shaily

IDC led a professional, well coordinated and clear development programme. The overall completed design achieved our desired goals and the product remains one of the most innovative 'all in one' video laryngoscopes available.

Adrian Waterton |  Venner Medical

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