Powering up for convenience

Eagle 600

Powering up
for convenience

Focusing on the needs of commuting cyclists, IDC developed a new bike light that was highly compact and robust, whilst being able to display remaining power.

Following other successful lighting projects, IDC was selected by Magicshine to create a ground breaking new bicycle light, specifically designed for the needs of commuting cyclists.

IDC conducted extensive research into the needs of commuters to understand what features would be of most benefit.

The design team found that a core benefit to commuters would be the ability to see battery life as a real time indicator of how much power was left.

Focusing on this need, IDC developed a clever battery interface that was able to display the actual time left with power. Using an OLED display, the Eagle 600 was designed to instantly recalculate charge remaining when power outputs were altered between light beams. This was made even more convenient by charging by USB.

IDC's industrial designers worked to make the size as compact as possible, while ensuring it was both rugged and waterproof. Working prototypes were then produced for evaluation.

IDC's final design was aesthetically pleasing with a simple, elegant style with truth to materials and a refined purpose. To our knowledge, the Eagle 600 was the first light to offer high beam and dipped beam from separate Cree LEDs, which provide 600 Lumens of light.