User simplicity market success

G3 Sleep Apnoea Device

User simplicity
market success

IDC helped a leading Chinese medical manufacturer develop a high quality sleep apnoea device so it could compete on a global scale.

With international design teams in both the UK and China, IDC used its unique cultural design experience to develop a sleep apnoea device with appeal for international markets.

A key part of the brief was to find ways to improve the user experience and develop a better industrial design to make the product more visually attractive so it could compete on a global scale.

The team started by exploring the existing product and researching competitor products from around the world. As well as this, the team investigated user environments and identified potential trends for the future of these devices.

From the usability studies, IDC realised a key area for improvement was the humidification system, which offered a great opportunity for simplification. The device relied on a water tank to humidify the filtered air, but this meant designing a solution that minimised spillages and was convenient for the user.

The team looked at different device configurations to develop a design which made it easier for patients to fill and reconnect the water tank.

A solution that opened the whole lid was devised to minimise spillage. As well as this, a clever spring-loaded heater plate connection was developed to make the connection fail-safe.

The design was made more challenging as the team had to develop the industrial design around BMC’s existing engineering.

The team redesigned the visual appearance of the device to create a more sleek and stylish image.

As the device usually sits on a bedside, it needed to be discreet and familiar, without appearing like a medical device. The team took inspiration from compact hi-fi devices to create a product that looked high-tech and fitting for a bedside location.

Models and prototypes were made throughout the development to prove the principle and BMC is delighted with the final product.