Pneumatic Hand Rehabilitation Device

Hand Rehabilitation

Pneumatic Hand
Rehabilitation Device

The rehabilitation robotic glove is a training device that combines EMG electromyographic feedback and flexible robotics for patients with stroke or hand disabilities to train and repair dexterity.

The continuation of a long and successful partnership

XFT Medical partnered with IDC again to produce their latest device. XFT Medical develop and manufacture home medical & rehabilitation devices. The long standing relationship between XFT and IDC has seen a wide product range brought to market.

The Robotic Hand rehabilitation glove uses flexible air-activated muscles to aid movement, it helps patients carry out passive rehabilitation training, through pre-set training programs. The glove trains and can repair the patient's limb motor function, and prevent muscle disuse atrophy.

Hand Rehabilitation Glove

The intensity of the EMG signal of the patient's limb can be detected in real time through the EMG Armband. When the EMG signal reaches a pre-set threshold, the glove is triggered to help train the flexion and extension function of the affected limb, so that the patient's limb can achieve hand flexion and extension movements dependently.

The IDC team faced a number of design challenges throughout the development process. Many of the users are suffering with symptoms which reduce dexterity and may not have a carer to help use the product, therefore the device needs to be easy to put on using only one hand. This resulted in the cut out palm area with fingertip hoods and a supporting wrist strap. Testing was conducted to find the optimum balance between ease of use and effective treatment.

Hand Rehabilitation Glove
Hand Rehabilitation Glove
Hand Rehabilitation Glove
Initially the IDC team tested existing gloves on the market to evaluate fitment, comfort and materials. This process allowed the team to understand the gloves construction and quickly model ideas by modifying them. Neoprene was selected as the best material for the clothes due to its cleanability, strength and comfort as well as being the most visually attractive.

Sketch models were created to validate ideas further, which were then tested on users. From the user testing it was found that often the patients had weak wrists making it hard to complete the training. Therefore, a wrist strap was incorporated into the design to add support to the wrist which helped create a more effective treatment and improved the usability. Many iterations of these supports were produced, experimenting with hard plastic supports but eventually landing on a fabric wrist wrap.
Hand Rehabilitation Glove
Hand Rehabilitation Glove
Neck Massager
Hand Rehabilitation Glove
Hand Rehabilitation Glove

Bellow re-design for improved treatment effectiveness

Competitor research found some key issues with the existing offerings, with bulky solutions which didn’t give enough flexibility and movement. Through rapid prototyping different solutions were quickly tested and optimised finding that rounded bellows expand more effectively.

Initially the focus was on a custom integrated bellow to give the product a sleek, unified look. However, due to manufacturability it was not deemed cost-effective. IDC incorporated proven bellows and engineered better junctions for a cleaner design. There was also a focus on clean and unobtrusive airway management to power the bellows from the control unit.

Hand Rehabilitation Glove
Hand Rehabilitation Glove

Creating a cohesive product design identity

The device features innovative mirror technology. This is where the unaffected hand drives the other to action synchronously. The devices measures the intensity or EMG signals via the armband. These signals trigger the glove to activate and mirror the movements. This promotes the autonomic recovery of the brain and speeds up the rehabilitation process.

The product comes with a central control device which indicates the exercises and duration of the treatment as well as powering the Pneumatic bellows. The product is comprised of three separate units. IDC created a brand identity across the three devices which also fits in line with the rest of XFT Home medical range.

Hand Rehabilitation Glove
Hand Rehabilitation Glove
The rehabilitation glove has six different training modes including power assisted movement and resistant's training to help strengthen the muscles. The user can complete specific training programs for full hand movement, finger tip touch training and single finger training, to promote gross and fine motor skill improvement.

The ergonomic glove is made from neoprene which is washable, durable and comfortable. The product is available in small, medium and large sizing's. The patient can easily change the air pressure in the device to find a strength that suits them.
Hand Rehabilitation Glove

Our involvement in developing the XFT Hand Rehabilitation Glove:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Industrial design
  • Colour, material and finish
  • User testing
  • Ergonomics
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Full CAD design for manufacture
  • Safety & performance testing
  • Tolerance stack analysis
  • 2D tech pack and engineering drawings

Hand Rehabilitation Glove

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