Increasing sales and reducing staff intervention

Heated Food Dispenser

Increasing sales and
reducing staff intervention

IDC developed a patented food dispensing mechanism along with all other aspects of the product, allowing Rollover to simultaneously maximise sales and reduce servicing downtime.

Maximising efficiency through lowering servicing downtime

Rollover approached IDC with addressing the reliability and increasing the 'up-time' and food capacity of an existing heated food dispenser. The design and engineering team grasped the need to introduce a reliable and intuitive dispensing system.

Innovating and iterating before arriving at a patented carriage stack design aimed at lowering the time needed to interact and refill the dispenser case, maximising the ability to store and sell breakfast muffins, burgers and hotdogs. The industrial design and usability improvements led to the integration of an LCD screen, enticing customers through visual merchandising and POS customisation.


We're blown away by the success of our latest warming dispenser and how IDC chose to approach the challenge of boosting sales and user experience through form and function. Executing our vision and beyond, we're excited to continue our product development partnership with IDC.

Tony Owen |  Sales & Marketing Director at Rollover

Thermal management and hygiene

Ensuring that the core temperature needed to deliver hot food doesn't result in overheating and reduced product lifespan was essential to the technical delivery and re-design of the product. At each stage the team worked to test and ascertain the correct methods for managing the temperature.

Rollover thermal management
Rollover parts

Built and designed to address user behaviour

Before progressing through the mechanical and technical challenges the team looked to identify behaviours around the touch points for the product. Taking into account every user to include the vendor, servicing team and consumer.

The design is a sheet metal structure that's ideal for mass production and assembly whilst bringing a contemporary look and feel to the product.

Rollover engineering drawings
Rollover front

Our involvement in the development of the Rollover Heated Food Dispenser:

  • Existing design review
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical design
  • Thermal performance & testing
  • Generation of intellectual property
  • Full CAD design for manufacture
  • 2D engineering drawings
  • Extensive prototyping and testing
  • Sourcing and supplier identification
  • Patent filing and design registration
  • Instructions for use, & production documentation
  • CE marking, EMC and electrical safety testing
  • Assist with scale up to mass production
  • Rollover

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