First class for customer testing

First Class Seating

First class
for customer testing

Creating working models for a full first class cabin, IDC Models ensured the units were delivered to the highest standard

IDC was approached by SR-Technics, a leading aircraft seat supplier, in order to create a new first class aircraft flatbed seat. IDC had to create top-quality prototype units to allow Swiss Air to conduct user trials prior to production. The flat bed seat included a sideboard, a table and a footstool.

Working with the engineering team, IDC produced a wooden working rig to refine and develop the reclining mechanism of the seat.

IDC advised on the material selection as well as the surface treatments and finishes. The team also manufactured demonstration prototypes finished to production levels.

IDC ended up producing a one off seat, manufacturing four road show models as well as twelve for cabin mock-up. IDC also initiated a cabin refit programme.

The top quality prototype units had a class leading finish allowing Swiss Air to conduct superior user trials prior to production of the ergonomically designed chairs.