Luxury liner control system

Queen Mary II Bridge

Luxury liner
control system

Devising a modular solution, IDC developed a high-tech ship control system which was installed in the bridge of the Queen Mary II.

IDC was approached to design a new, modular, complete ship control system for application to all shipping classes, including luxury liner, super tankers and container ships and suit all bridge types and sizes. The control system will use the latest in flat screen technologies and ship-control interfaces and comply with marine guidelines and regulations.

The main elements of the key control devices, navigation and communication equipment were laid out according to marine regulations. IDC came up with the concept of a modular design with the interface elements able to stand as a single unit or as an array.

The flat screen and keyboard elements were housed in polyurethane low volume production cases, thus providing a repeatable visual focus with a softer, more attractive appearance than the traditional units of sheet metal construction. The base units house the bulk of the electronics having in built EMC screening. Various user-friendly features were added for convenience such as grab rails and cup holders. IDC undertook the design of all mechanical elements, liaising with Kelvin Hughes for the electronic integration.

IDC created an attractive modular system, which became the benchmark product of its market. The system has proved to be both cost effective and flexible in application and survives the rigors of continuous use. IDC’s design was selected and installed in the bridge of the Queen Mary II.