Creating a style for domestic & commerical

Window Handles

Creating a style
for domestic & commerical

In developing a new range of quality window handles, IDC was able to go beyond the key criteria to deliver performance, image, ease of manufacture and cost effectiveness.

IDC was briefed to create new design themes for a range of window handles that will use existing key components. The client, Cego, also required options for finishes and colours, allowing the product to fit into a variety of domestic and commercial settings.

The initial sketch concept ideas were developed into full-size foam models to evaluate the form and feel, giving the client a real understanding of our ideas.

This approach is often a critical form of communication for the client to truly get a feel for the sizes and shapes of a product; an appreciation of which cannot be gained from a sketch or computer model.

IDC provided engineering layouts and detail design, then machined production models to evaluate all aspects of the handles' performance.

The designs were approved and the handles went into production with the support of IDC.