Unique identity & ultimate protection

Safety Helmets

Unique identity
& ultimate protection

‘IDC exceeded the expectations and brief set by JSP Ltd. It felt like a very professional and personal service, and the products developed from this collaboration have been the success we hoped for.’

IDC designed a range of new industrial safety helmets based on existing structural principles, manufacturing methods and materials.

The new helmets needed to provide a distinctive appearance, working with a range of existing accessories, and perform to relevant test standards. It was also important that the helmets were able to provide a generous area for branding.

Following the detailed evaluation of existing products and study of the overall market sector, IDC created a
series of sketch ideas for presentation to JSP.

The preferred ideas were further developed into final concept sheets. The chosen designs were fine tuned in 3D
CAD and engineered for production.

Prior to release for tooling, Rapid prototypes were produced from 3D CAD for final evaluation.

IDC was successful in developing two helmets which extended and complemented the existing product range. The new helmets not only provided a high level of protection and structural support, but were able to offer a unique identity through styling.

The two helmets were taken from concept to tooling within a tight timescale of just four months.