Prison furniture for safer cells

Safer Cell Furniture

Prison furniture
for safer cells

Developed for HM Prison Service and supplied into thousands of cells, IDC’s range of safer cell furniture is a suicide-proof, fire retardant, vandal-proof and cost effective alternative to standard prison furniture

Prisoner suicide is a major problem for the prison service and high-risk prisoners are housed in special cells. Currently all cells are custom built at huge expense.

HM Prison Service approached IDC to develop a range of furniture. This had to be suicide proof, vandal resistant and fire safe.

Modular design allowed a series of standard components to be designed that could be installed into a variety of different cell types across the prison estate. High tech adhesives were used to conceal fixings and anchor points.

IDC’s knowledge of materials and processes enabled the team to select materials that would withstand impact and abrasive attack, while conforming to the strict standards for fire, smoke and toxicity.

New vandal-proof, safer bed, desk and locker prototypes have exceeded all prison service requirements at less than half the cost of existing safer cells.

Safer chairs and reduced risk privacy screens are now successfully being used in prisons.