Opening up the possibilities in remote virtual production

Ncam Micro Server

Opening up the possibilities
in remote virtual production

Offering completely wireless camera tracking and opening up new opportunities in remote production of AR graphics.

Premium design in a world of tight parameters

Ncam's existing AR Camera system did not allow for wireless tracking and therefore limited what film studios and broadcasters could do in terms of virtual production. The new system, with the support of the new Micro Server that can process camera tracking data itself while mounted to a range of different camera rigs and setups, unlocks a world of opportunity. The design needed to have flat surfaces on every single face, with a multitude of other design restrictions which provided a challenge for the IDC team.

ncam micro server

This product release marks a huge milestone in the history of Ncam Technologies.

Nic Hatch |  CEO, Ncam
ncam micro server
ncam micro server

Optimising performance through rigorous testing

The Mk2 Micro Server needs to be able to withstand the heat of filming under the sun for a full day of shooting. For this reason, the team at IDC supported Ncam with the specification of hardware components and conducted various tests to improve thermal performance and meet the functional product requirements.

ncam micro server
ncam micro server

Four fully assembled and functional units were manufactured at IDC which allowed the Ncam team to present to potential clients with products that resembled final production. This included the machining of all parts using IDC's Hurco CNC machine and electronics assembly in IDC's electronics lab. The list below gives a feel for our involvement through the process of this development with Ncam.

Our involvement in the development of the Ncam Micro Server:

  • Contextual research
  • Industrial design
  • CMF strategy
  • Thermal management & testing
  • Mechanical design
  • Component specification
  • Full CAD design for manufacture
  • Initial prototyping and testing
  • 2D engineering drawings
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Initial batch production and assembly
ncam ar camera

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