Defining the future of virtual production

Ncam AR Camera

Defining the future
of virtual production

Designing an AR camera that is more lightweight, has better thermal performance, more versatile mounting options and reflects the premium nature of Ncam as a leader in virtual production.

Delivering meaningful value through better design

Ncam's existing camera bar (right) was large in size and rather heavy. It provided production studios with limited mounting options, suffered from poor thermal performance and didn't reflect Ncam as a brand. The project undertaken by IDC was to improve on every one of these aspects and deliver a product that Ncam were proud to say was theirs and one that brought extra value to their customers including Sony Pictures, Marvel, Sky Sports, Lucasfilm and more.

ncam ar camera
ncam ar camera
ncam ar camera

A new locking mechanism for secure USB-C connection

Along with other improvements to performance and functionality, the Mk2 AR Camera for Ncam also includes a new custom mechanism optimised for this device that locks the USB-C connector securely. The cable is able to click into place when pushed in, and can only be released when the user pushes the button on the underside of the product. The feature prevents accidental disconnection and required tight tolerances to be met to strike a suitable balance between security and ease of insertion.

ncam ar camera
ncam ar camera

IDC carried out significant testing with regard to heat dissipation to arrive at an end solution that delivered in terms of thermal performance. Through sufficient ventilation and an integrated heatsink design, the design was able to meet it's thermal requirements.

The design also features a LEMO connection port for synchronising multiple camera bars and a locking mechanism for secure USB-C connection. In combination with the Ncam Mk2 Micro Server, the system can also work more flexibly than could ever be achieved previously – with a greater variety of camera rigs including jib, Steadicam, wire cam and drones. The AR Camera received Best of Show Award at IBC in Amsterdam and also received Special Merit at the Digital Media World Awards.

ncam ar camera

Our involvement in the development of the Ncam AR Camera:

  • Contextual research
  • Industrial design
  • CMF strategy
  • Thermal management & testing
  • Mechanical design
  • Cable design & management
  • Full CAD design for manufacture
  • Initial prototyping and testing
  • Tolerance stack analysis
  • 2D engineering drawings
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Initial batch production and assembly
ncam ar camera

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