Delivering highlights at the fastest pace

LiveTouch - Studio sports highlighting system

Delivering highlights
at the fastest pace

Selecting live highlights from multiple feeds, the Quantel LiveTouch is adapted to the demanding requirements of live sports production. IDC delivered an industry leading product including research, design and engineering development in just 8 months.

In just eight months IDC created a futuristic device for live sports editing for world-leading broadcast technology company, Quantel.

The device, LiveTouch, allows editors to cut highlights (such as goals) instantly and replay on demand during the live game.

In depth user research highlighted that product comfort was essential for user’s hand movements working at speed. A large dial (jog wheel) also became a key focus as this was used to scroll through film frames and freeze them. Jog wheels on existing models did not turn smoothly and were prone to ‘bouncing’ between frames. They also needed to be sensitive to touch, so the user could freeze a frame with the touch of a single finger.

Taking these user needs into account, IDC developed a product with a refined, curved shape and soft-touch materials.

Visually the device was made appealing by making it shallower and more streamlined, adding a sense of superior quality.

IDC’s engineers came up with smart solutions for the jog wheel to eliminate ‘bounce’ between frames. This was extensively tested to ensure perfect frame capture and a dimple was worked into the design to allow a finger to press easily.

IDC Models supported the development at all stages with early models right through to prototypes.

LiveTouch has been welcomed by the industry for its fast highlight selection and a level of usability that is unique in terms of simplicity and comfort.