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From industrial design and engineering, right through to production and testing services, IDC helped deltaDOT advance high performance capillary electrophoresis technology.

Working for deltaDOT, IDC designed, tested and manufactured in-house, some of the lab industry's most technologically advanced high performance capillary electrophoresis (HPCE) machines.

deltaDOT’s technology offers an extremely powerful analytical solution for the detection, separation, quantitation and analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, viruses, bacteria, chemicals and a wide range of other analytes. It uses deltaDOT’s proprietary Label Free Intrinsic Imaging (LFII®) technology which means that molecular labels do not have to be used, which is often the case with conventional Capillary Electrophoresis instruments.

deltaDOT commissioned IDC to redesign their existing product to ensure it delivered user appeal and was developed in the most cost-effective way.

IDC’s engineering team was able to improve extensively the electronics and components within the system, to achieve better results and deliver dramatic savings.

The production team then went on to assemble batches of 10 machines at a time (each with over 900 parts).

IDC also helped design and implement an innovative new cooling system that allowed the temperature of the test vials to be controlled to within ±0.5oC. This feature now enables data that is highly repeatable.

In addition, the team carried out all CE testing of the machines. This meant assessing all aspects of safety, from individual components, right through to radiation levels to ensure CE safety requirements were met.

IDC then produced supporting technical documentation for the process.