A new visual language for next generation Foundrax

Robus Hardness Tester

A new visual language for
next generation Foundrax

Defining a new visual language for Foundrax, reflecting their history as a reliable leader in hardness testers. Starting with a redesign of their Robus product that elevates the Foundrax brand beyond its competition.

Capturing 70 years of product reliability and accuracy

Foundrax returned to IDC with a view to establishing a new visual direction for the Robus bench-top Brinell hardness tester. Every Foundrax machine is built to give trouble-free service with industry leading accuracy and reliability year after year - and the design needed to portray this. The load cells are custom made and the force application up to 3000kg is monitored 125 times per second. The challenge for the team at IDC was to capture this blend of accuracy and durability through a design that elevates Foundrax above its competitors and results in a product that's easy to manufacture and assemble.

robus hardness tester
robus hardness tester

A fresh launch within a mature product category

The collection of images here gives a snapshot of what many of the competitors in the hardness tester space look and feel like. IDC and Foundrax believed there was opportunity to launch a product that elevated the brand and defined a new look and feel within the sector. A simple and functional DNA with a contemporary design that captures the commitment to precision and durability at Foundrax - a brand that focuses on doing the most important things well.

robus hardness tester

Our involvement in the development of Robus:

  • Existing design review
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industrial design
  • Material choice
  • CMF strategy and specification
  • Usability
  • Mechanical design
  • Full CAD design for manufacture
  • Prototype review
  • 2D engineering drawings
robus hardness tester

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