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Digital Measuring Device

Brand image
communicating technology

IDC created a modern, high-tech image for Renishaw when designing a new generation of digital measuring devices.

IDC was briefed to style the new generation of Active Head (cmm) Digital Measuring Devices, to have a modern clean high-tech image and compact design.

IDC evaluated the operating criteria of the new Active Head; sketch layouts were produced showing internal components and full ranges of movement. From these layouts a series of initial concept sketches (both conventional and CAD) ideas were created.

Further sketch development led to the creation of 3 foam model variants. The preferred design formed the basis for the detailed “moving” block model – this was fully finished to production standard and used for development and marketing purposes.

IDC produced engineering layouts using Pro-Engineer showing the integration of metal and plastic components, these were developed into initial component drawings.

The design created a new image for Renishaw and set a new standard within this market sector.