Improving design   reducing costs

Centrifuge Range

Improving design
reducing costs

IDC took Dynamic’s existing centrifuge technology and developed a new range of devices with greatly improved performance and usability. Build costs were halved and 30 units manufactured on site in IDC’s production unit.

Dynamic Extractions Ltd provides a high performance version of an existing technology called countercurrent chromatography (CCC).

CCC is a liquid-liquid chromatography technique based upon differential partitioning working within a continuous coil of tubing to provide fast, high purity chemical separations.

IDC took Dynamic Extractions’ prototype instrument cases and used its product development expertise to design a series of cases which house, drive and control Dynamic Extractions' High Performance Countercurrent Chromatography (HPCCC) technology.

These developments now form the basis of an expanding range of instruments for Dynamic Extractions.

In productionising these cases, IDC was responsible for the industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering of the instrument cases and the procurement and build of the production cases.

The cases are a robust construction of aluminium sand-castings and fabricated sheet metal allowing simple accurate assembly. These cases use a common, modular electronics enclosure and panel which together with other design simplifications enabled significant cost reductions.

The final product was extremely well received by the client and end users. IDC effectively improved performance while delivering dramatic savings on build cost.