Streamlining design leading competition

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Streamlining design
leading competition

IDC was challenged to design a new range of ATEX certified products to help Signature regain market share. Managing all design stages, IDC introduced new features, while creating a stylish new identity and reducing cost.

Signature Industries' previous range had been, and remains, very successful but was subject to increasing competition. In order to combat the competition and build upon the success of the current range, Signature asked IDC to develop a new range building on the strengths of the current range; adding new features and offering cost reductions.

IDC handled the project from concept right through to testing, approvals and finally production.

IDC's in-house prototyping company, IDC Models, produced models and prototypes of the product throughout the development.

IDC developed a successful new range, while reducing costs, adding new features and providing a stylish new identity.