Support & safety through user experience

Reach Truck Driver Support System

Support & safety
through user experience

An innovative dynamic support system that makes the everyday experience for reach truck drivers safer, more comfortable and more satisfying.

After several other successful projects working for Linde, IDC was called upon to design and research the usability of a new seat headrest for reach trucks designed for taller warehouses.

The aim of the new headrest was to enable drivers to comfortably and safely look up to the top of tall warehouses.

Such a design required in-depth ergonomic studies to understand the implications of the design in supporting the driver's head, back and shoulders.

IDC's extensive user research experience was applied and industrial design and engineering teams worked together to develop several concepts which were turned into prototypes by IDC Models.

The team needed to test different materials to ensure a balance of flexibility for maneuvering; support and comfort; and overall wear for a factory environment.

The prototypes were then fully evaluated at Linde's test facilities in Basingstoke. This involved both user and product testing activities.

IDC supported Linde in developing these headrests from initial research right through to product field trials.

The resulting product was able to provide optimum support and visibility to reach truck operators working in the tallest warehouses throughout the world.