Flexible payment secure solution

Rapid Transport Payment

Flexible payment
secure solution

Introducing new payment technology to the transport market, IDC delivered a system that was robust, secure and dealt with all forms of payment.

IDC was briefed to develop a transport payment and ticket dispensing system for use in the USA on bus, light rail and tram networks.

The system needed to be flexible enough to take payments of money using coins and bank notes, as well as credit cards and the latest technology using proximity sensors and travel cards.

It was also essential that the system was robust and secure to protect against theft. IDC designed the system so each safe had its own unique ID with proximity sensor, which was detected when it returned to base and meant it could only be unlocked when in a safe environment. The ID also provided a full record of payments, so safes could be tracked and money checked.

IDC's industrial design teams developed several concepts for the new payment system. Particular attention was given to developing a clear layout for ease of use. The engineering team worked closely with electronics experts to develop a system that used latest technologies. The system needed to be easily programmable for different zones and charges.

IDC Models then produced models to help visualise and test the new system.

The final product represented a step forward in transport payment technology, introducing proximity sensors and a combination of payment options that was a first for the industry.