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Marine regulations
Flexible operation

A highly technical and visually contemporary command bridge for 'mega yachts'. Creating the exhibition ‘talking point’ that allowed Kelvin Hughes to invigorate a once traditional market place.

IDC was tasked to design a command bridge for the prestigious ‘mega yacht’ class of ship and to build a one off to be shown at a US exhibition. The design had to stimulate and reinvigorate the market and show a command bridge with contemporary design.

The project had to be undertaken within an extremely short period. A working unit was required in the US for an exhibition within 5 weeks from the initial briefing date.

IDC established a co-current project plan where the design was undertaken and managed in parallel with the engineering and the prototype build phases. IDC manufactured a full scale working unit in the time scale utilizing rapid CNC machining together with traditional model making techniques.

By creating a highly technical and visually contemporary product, IDC created the exhibition ‘talking point’. This allowed Kelvin Hughes to invigorate the once traditional market place. The design language established on ‘Manta’ was blended into further designs by IDC and formed the styling language for the stand alone navigational products that eventually became the bridge of the Queen Mary II.