Convenient and secure  cycle storage and advertising


Convenient and secure
cycle storage and advertising

Incorporating innovative upright lockers, the Cycledock provides secure storage for six bikes in a modern, vandal-proof enclosure which can be branded and sold as advertising space. IDC took the initial concept through to production data pack, manufacture and testing.

IDC worked with Street Associates to develop an innovative block of six bike lockers for use in city centres and stations around the UK.

The aim was to develop stylish lockers that were secure and vandal proof, but which also provided space for advertising on the side of the product.

Working with the client’s concept, IDC developed all design and engineering elements of the product. This included a space-saving design, mounting the bikes in an upright position with interlocking handle bars. To make this possible, IDC developed curved bi-fold doors and the mechanics to enable the bikes to rise up in the lockers.

On the electronics side, the team supported the development of an electronic payment system, so users can pay using a rechargeable payment card (similar to an Oyster Card).

IDC Models produced block models and prototypes, which were then tested and evaluated by the team to ensure they were secure, weather proof, vandal proof and easy to use.