Ergonomic feel Sympathetic design

Pelvic Muscle System

Ergonomic feel
Sympathetic design

Understanding female users and the nature of pelvic muscle problems was key to IDC developing an intimate and effective pelvic floor training device for XFT.

IDC designed a device for XFT that uses a combination of an air pressure probe and voice prompts to control pelvic muscle training programmes. The new product is called the XFT-0010.

XFT was keen to build the latest sensor technology into the device, but wanted to avoid a high-tech product appearance. The look and feel of the product became a key part of the design process and IDC developed a device that took its cue from nature.

The inflatable probe was ergonomically designed in a smooth pebble-like form inspired by the shape of a flower bud. This natural and non-threatening design was echoed throughout the device for controls, voice and display.

The XFT-0010 is the first pelvic muscle training device to use voice prompts during the training process. The device works by measuring air pressure in the treatment probe as patients exercise their pelvic floor muscles. The system then uses voice prompts and visual icons to guide patients through a training exercise.

Pre-set training programmes vary exercise intensity and enable patients to progress to different levels as muscle strength develops. The visual display also allows the patient to see just how much pressure they are applying at any time.

This is the third medical project that IDC has completed for XFT.

Marc Tanner, IDC's Head of Design commented, "We are delighted to build on the success of our previous projects with XFT. The voice prompt system has been a winning feature in these other products and we are now pleased to bring this feature to the market for pelvic floor training devices."