Improving precision  for orthopaedic procedures

Orthopaedic Tools

Improving precision
for orthopaedic procedures

Working alongside surgeons, IDC was able to link specialist knowledge with technology and engineering capabilities to produce precision knee surgery tools.

Orthopaedic surgical instrument manufacturer, Howmedica, commissioned IDC to develop an instrument for use by surgeons during knee replacement surgery. They required a highly precise bone cutting tool that would cut at the right angle and to the highest accuracy to prepare an ideal bone surface for attaching to the new knee components.

Following research into the needs of the surgeons, IDC's industrial designers designed a device that was ergonomic and easy to use. Working in collaboration, the engineering team developed a mechanical solution that enabled the surgeons to set positions and cut with the highest level of accuracy.

IDC Models produced prototypes of the device to test and evaluate the design before the instrument was put into production.