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Medical Glue Dispenser

Simple innovation
Safe & efficient

IDC's creativity led to a first-of-its-kind medical solution to dispense medical adhesives, bringing great improvements to medical care all round.

Working for Chinese pharmaceutical company, Baiyun, IDC was briefed to research and develop a better solution for packaging, dispensing and applying medical adhesives to patients in surgery as an alternative to suturing.

Baiyun recognised that one of the drawbacks of medical adhesives is the way that they are packaged and dispensed by medical staff. Medical glues have traditionally been packaged in glass ampules, providing a sterile method of transporting the glue. Staff then need to break these ampoules, extract the glue using a dropper, before applying to the wound. This is a time-consuming and fiddly process, which also risks small fragments of glass breaking off or glue spillages near patients.

Another problem is the longer the glue is exposed to air, the more likely it is to be cured and become less effectiveness. With this knowledge, Baiyun commissioned IDC to develop a completely new solution for the packaging and dispensing of their adhesives.

Using this insight, IDC’s team developed a highly innovative disposable dispensing device that addressed all the problems and has enabled a great progress leap in the application of glue by medical staff.

The team designed a small pen-like dispenser, which comes ready-packed with a standard glass ampoule of adhesive, and by means of a clever pumping system, dispenses the glue with high precision.

With the ampoule already contained inside the assembled device, the nurse or surgeon simply needs to twist the two halves of the device to close the device fully, which causes the ampoule to be cleanly broken open to allow the glue to flow. To make certain there are no tiny glass fragments from the broken ampoule, the glue flows through a filter into a unique pumping unit that produces a steady flow, drop-by-drop, with one drop of glue released each time a button is pressed.

IDC’s team focused on developing a device that delivered the best user experience possible. It was designed to be ergonomic with a pen-like shape that meant that doctors could spread the glue evenly and with precision onto the wound surface to be glued.

This included a glue-spreading feature on the underside of the device designed to mimic the ‘lolly stick’ shape of the end of a scalpel, which is a common tool that surgeons use to spread the adhesive. IDC was keen to include this detail as a familiar feature in the new device for surgeons.

The device was made from a variety of plastics and included a small window to provide a visual indication to doctors that the ampoule is broken and the glue is ready to flow.

With the glue fully enclosed within the device, it is protected from the air and therefore kept in optimum condition for medical use.

IDC's creativity enabled the development of an innovative piece of medical equipment that brings real benefits to medical staff and patients.

The new glue dispenser offers a higher level of safety, simplicity and efficiency all round. It has also highlighted Baiyun’s name as a leader in medical adhesives.