Subtle, sensual and clinically effective

Female Intimate Massager

Subtle, sensual and
clinically effective

Developed entirely by IDC for effective treatment of female orgasmic disorder, the massager is medically proven to help women achieve orgasm whilst offering a discreet, high-quality look and feel, low noise and waterproof performance.

IDC created a stylish vibrator that provides controlled stimulation and is medically proven to help women achieve an orgasm.

On average about 40-45% of adult women display at least one symptom of sexual dysfunction. IDC was tasked with designing a sophisticated vibrator that was both attractive in looks as well as safe to use.

From the outset the vibrator was developed for the treatment of female orgasmic disorder. With motors at each end that interplay through an internal vibration bar, the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations have been shown by clinical studies to induce sexual arousal.

The vibrator is a construction of two hard polypropylene inner shells that thread together. They are over moulded with medically approved Santoprene elastomer. The Santoprene gives a skin-like feel to the product and provides the unit with water resistance.

The vibrator's unique, elegant shape was developed through the study of the human form and sculptural objects.

With its medically proven functionality, attractive sculptural form and high quality material the Vibrator provides women with a sleek alternative.