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Enteral Feed Pump

Global standards
for world markets

Developing an enteral feeding system with peristaltic pump head, pressure sensing and precise user control, IDC created a pump which enabled XHF to lead the Chinese market and prepare for international sales.

Medical equipment manufacturer, XHF, required IDC to develop a new enteral feeding device. This was to be a new market for XHF, having never produced a similar product previously.

IDC was briefed to develop a feeding system for patients that could accurately feed liquid food at different rates of flow over set periods of time, with programmable control features.

High precision control was important, as some patients would need food delivered slowly over longer periods, while others had a need for short concentrated bursts of food.

IDC came up with concepts which worked with standard feed tubes and liquid food bags. The device offered optimum hygiene with the main unit never coming into contact with food.

The industrial design team focused on making the layout clear and intuitive, with a simple user interface. Lights and alarms were built into the product to warn of any system errors or blockages. As the device could be ambulatory, care was also taken to make the device easy to carry with an integrated handle.

IDC's engineers handled all structural design elements, including the battery, motor, door and stand fixings.

The team worked with IDC Models to set up a test rig for the product. They were able to conduct extensive tests of the peristaltic pump head to ensure that the feed line was not susceptible to blockage.

This testing was important to understand how the pump worked while patients moved around, causing pressure changes in the feed line, which could potentially cause blockages.

IDC's team engineered an innovative solution using external tube pressure sensors to detect feed line blockages, which automatically triggered an alarm.

IDC Models produced a block model of the device, to test handle ergonomics and see how easy the product would be to carry around.

IDC's final design gave XHF an innovative pump, that was developed to international quality standards, and enabled XHF to lead the Chinese market and roll out to global markets.