Patient handling without compromise

Ceiling Mounted Hoist

Patient handling
without compromise

With obesity on the rise, IDC devised a ceiling mounted hoist to provide complete moving and handling solutions for domestic nursing homes and hospital environments.

IDC was commissioned to redesign a patient hoist for moving and handling experts, Chiltern Invadex (UK) Ltd.

As well as undergoing a full revamp in terms of look and feel, the redesigned Wispa Plus Ceiling Mounted Hoist Range needed to accommodate patients weighing up to 190kg (418lbs).

Chiltern Invadex is a long-since established name in the medical market and this project was an opportunity to make the product more subtle and visually appealing, without compromising on function and quality.

Following extensive research into Chiltern's own range of hoist models and competitor products, traditional pencil sketch ideas identified the design direction and this was then applied to CAD for external renderings by IDC product developers.

IDC's team of product designers worked with onsite engineers to devise a semi-invisible, 'soft' look, which would not be noticeable on the ceiling to patients and visitors.

All distinguishing features were carefully incorporated into the design, such as the hand control air pressure system, which produces a burst of air up a pipe to the power switch if the product becomes wet, for heightened safety during use.

Chiltern had previously made their prototypes using the vacuum forming/thermo forming manufacturing process, however IDC's new CAD design was used to create a prototype by injection moulding.

IDC was able to control costs by working alongside IDC Models, with its extensive experience in this area. IDC Models' SLA prototype machine was used and the resulting model was then evaluated to identify weak areas, which could then be redesigned and upgraded prior to production. Injection moulding was outsourced abroad to ensure savings for the client as well as better detailing and fit for the product itself.

At the end of the industrial design phase, another model was produced by IDC as a 'first-look' and demonstration resource for a select group of customers. Model makers reworked this again, complete with paints and all final details, to represent the finished product in time for launching.