Concept generation for product success

Concept generation
for product success

Generating design solutions

The concept generation stage of product development is where the skill, experience and creativity of IDC's design team is used to generate design solutions which solve the client's brief that are built on the understanding gained from user insights and contextual research. Approaches include:

  • Generation of key themes and ideas from user insight
  • Generation of product use cases
  • Brainstorming and collaborative creative sessions

Visualising the design

Ideas are like prototypes - they need to be tested to verify they fit customer and client needs.

We visualise initial concepts in a variety of sketch and physical formats to enable rapid iteration and assessment of early ideas. This enables the design team and client to review a broad range of ideas and rapidly focus on key ideas for more detailed development. Techniques include:

  • Brainstorm Sketches
  • Storyboard Illustrations
  • Card and foam models

CAD modelling

Following selection of the concept for development, IDC's design team refines the design using a range of high fidelity rendering and modelling techniques based around the CAD data which is generated and refined for use in the design for manufacturing activity. This ensures that the design intent is maintained from concept to production.

  • Detailed 2D renderings
  • 3D CAD modelling of the external form and all critical features
  • High resolution 3D renderings and animations to provide
  • Appearance and Proof of Principal models