COVID-19: Thank you one and all

Thank you from IDC.

We wish to thank all of our employees, suppliers and clients for the way everyone has dealt with the constraints of lockdown and adapted so well in continuing to deliver such great work. We know it’s been a challenge but the flexibility and adaptability we’ve seen from everyone has been incredible.

We are well aware that this is not over yet, but we feel a deep sense of gratitude.

We would also like to inform everyone that all aspects of IDC remain completely open for business and we continue to serve the brands who partner with us through a mixture of homeworking set-ups and some strict distancing measures at our studio and workshop for when physical prototyping and testing activities are required.

We’d also like to say that our deepest thanks go to the frontline workers doing all they can to fight this.

Best wishes,

The IDC Team

15 June 2020


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