International product design company, IDC (Industrial Design Consultancy), is proud to announce it has once again achieved certification for both ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, throughout its UK and China operations.

Managing Director, Stephen Knowles, comments, “Safety and quality are of utmost importance to us when designing medical products and we are delighted to have our quality processes repeatedly recognised with formal certification. Over the last 47 years we have developed our own unique design process which enables the team to identify risks and respond to any potential challenges at all stages. With such a process, we can fully support our clients through complex regulatory requirements to ensure a commercially successful product.”

The ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certification applies to the whole of IDC’s organisation, and includes its product design studio, prototyping and production unit in IDC Models, as well as IDC China in Shanghai. Unlike many consultancies who work purely on the design side, IDC is able to meet the toughest quality requirements at all stages of the design process, as the product moves through the development from design to prototyping and production. As a result, IDC can provide a level of quality assurance that is unique amongst competitors.

IDC Renews Certification for ISO 13485 and 9001
1 October 2019