Affordable treatment effective solution


Affordable treatment
effective solution

A simple, convenient and attractive design with effective inhalation performance; sold in millions to provide affordable asthma treatment across India.

Zydus Cadila - one of India’s major pharmaceutical and Health Care Companies – required an asthma pump, which could be manufactured at a lower cost but be redesigned for an improved look and feel.

The main goal of the project was to create a product that was different, cost-effective, and that complied with all the necessary standards for inhalers.

Working to achieve the client's exact needs, IDC improved the appearance of the inhaler by redesigning the traditional look, while making it ergonomic and easy to use.

An onboard storage compartment was cleverly integrated in order to store the multi-medicinal capsules. The inhaler was also designed to be intuitive and simple for patients to use.

The goal of making the inhaler a low cost but high quality product was achieved by using a low-tech but high quality approach to design and materials.

By performing a CFD flows analysis the team was able to find a solution for using capsules as apposed to canisters, which also made the inhaler more cost effective.

The inhaler has helped millions of people in developing countries by providing them with an effective and economical asthma inhaler.

IDC strives to take these types of projects and produce a world-class solution, catering to any needs the client may have.