Wetsuit washer making waves

Wetsuit Washer

Wetsuit washer
making waves

IDC developed an inspirational solution for cleaning wetsuits, straight from the minds of professional surfers.

IDC worked with a group of extreme watersports enthusiasts who were inspired to develop a solution to the problem of cleaning wetsuits. This resulted in the world's first wetsuit washer.

M.A.S. Bully came to IDC with a concept which had been proposed by other designers, but they weren’t happy with what had been suggested, so asked IDC to come up with a new solution. IDC was briefed to develop a high quality product, which performed efficiently using only a minimal amount of water. From design and engineering, to prototyping and manufacturing, IDC’s team worked together to develop a new product in only 5 months, which balanced functionality and aesthetics.

The wetsuit washer is based on a coat hanger using water jets to rinse the entire wetsuit. A shower head element washes the outside of the wetsuit, while the inside of the wetsuit is cleaned using a series of pipes that sit within the main hanger.

The product has a strong visual design and an anthropometric form that ensures the wetsuit is both well presented and dries without creases. The system was also designed to conserve as much water as possible.

The team initially spent time researching and exploring methods of water distribution in parallel products which provided manufacturing insights and inspiration. Anthropometric data of shoulder width and sizes of existing wetsuits was also examined to help develop the final dimensions of the Bully product. Particular attention was paid to the collar, which was important in allowing the wetsuit to maintain its shape when hanging.

IDC Models supported the development by producing prototypes throughout the design process; these were used to test different water distribution systems to find the most effective solution. Once the core technology and aesthetic design were finalised, a pre-production prototype was manufactured and shipped to Portugal.

IDC’s designers chose a combination of aluminium and high quality plastic (with impact and UV resistant properties), which provide exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal.

The main shower head is manufactured from an aluminium plate, pierced prior to forming to ensure the water jets spray in all directions to effectively clean the wetsuit. The pipework contains custom forms and couplings to ensure correct water distribution.

IDC also developed a unique hook for the product with a 90 degree rotation and indexing plunger to give a satisfying click at the two outer positions.

M.A.S. Bully is delighted with the final product, which generated a huge amount of excitement in the watersports world when it was recently introduced at the World Surf Championships.