Space-saving convenience

Sink integrated Dishwasher


With cupboard space limited in many markets , consumers frequently cannot make room for a standard dishwasher. The Sink Integrated Dishwasher designed and engineered by IDC fitted within the footprint of an existing sink.

IDC was briefed to design and engineer a sink integrated dishwasher. This needed to fit within the footprint of an existing sink.

During the design process IDC engaged Allessor a dishwasher appliance manufacture based in Fabriano Italy.

Utilising the drive technology of Allessor’s pull down - bench top unit, IDC developed the in-sink dishwasher that fitted into the footprint of the sink draining board. This panel, once opened revealed a top loading dishwasher designed around a 4 place setting. The top mounted release catch and controls were discrete and simple to operate.

Considerable time was spent researching the best moulding configurations and plastics, with the result being a one piece polypropylene moulding that encompassed the sink and deep dishwasher body.