Timeless design enduring success

Premier 34

Timeless design
enduring success

After 14 years and millions of units sold, IDC’s contemporary design is still going strong. Introducing stackability and a soft touch handle designed to prevent burning, IDC cleverly based the design on existing tooling to save costs.

With millions of the Premier 34 Thermos flask sold, IDC proved that design can indeed be timeless.

IDC was approached by Thermos to design a flask that was based on their existing tooling for vacuum flasks. IDC made recommendations on how to convert the original design into a more modern and visually exciting product that would sell on home and international markets.

Through the careful examination of the tooling and tooling engineering layouts, IDC identified areas within the existing tooling cavity where major design changes could take place. This had to be done without affecting the overall functioning of the tooling.

IDC managed to design a new concept range with the existing moulding and tooling set according to the client request.

The end result was a distinctive new product concept, which introduced a soft touch handle feature, a new multiple cup design with finger protection from hot areas, and a new base design.

The design concept included modification to the cavity side of the tools, which introduced a dramatic visual difference to the product. These changes were specified such that they allowed Thermos to exploit redundant tooling, producing a new fresh approach.

IDC was able to turn out the design in record time and at a low capital cost to the benefit of the client. The Thermos flask is a resilient design in every sense of the word.