100 million portions of single serve convenience

One Shot

100 million portions of
single serve convenience

No waste, no bugs and no fuss. The world’s first single serve extrusion method ice-cream dispenser. IDC developed the packaging and dispensing machine to deliver simple, hygienic single serve soft ice cream from a standard freezer. The ice creams have sold in hundreds of millions.

IDC was briefed to design and develop an ice-cream dispenser for a new single portion packaging technology and produce an initial production run for pilot customer trials (40 units). The ice cream pack needed to be designed to rupture and dispense ice-cream with a traditional appearance.

IDC considered several methods to dispense the ice cream, finally deciding that the use of compressed air was the most appropriate and practical route. The team sourced a suitable compressor, air reservoir and air ram.

IDC completed the industrial design and detailed engineering on the entire machine, covers, internal structure, electro-mechanical and electronic elements.

A variety of tools, patterns and assembly jigs for the dispenser were made and a prototype unit was built, tested and approved. A further 40 units were made.

Throughout the development programme consideration was given to the suitability of the system with regard to reliability, safety and noise.

The pilot products were successful and well received throughout the industry. This led to the development of a series of single portion delivery devices which are now sold throughout the world.