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With a simple, user-friendly fold up design, IDC designed a highly successful garden trolley to carry heavy plants, garden waste and tools.

Hughes approached IDC with the desire to create a trolley to assist gardeners by providing useful spaces to carry tools and plants, as well as having the ability to carry heavy loads and waste sacks.

IDC recognised that the design should be simple but robust, as well as cost effective. The end result was a Garden Gopher that was a high quality product with good loading capacity and a flexible design.

IDC developed a range of concepts for a convenient, attractive and low cost cart.

The chosen concept incorporated a number of novel features. These included; handy trays for fitting to the sides and rear, fold out table, water carrier/spray option, tool holders, and bag holders for paper or polythene sacks.

"I found this wonderfully easy to put together and use. It is very light, strong and well balanced. The bag clipper was great for holding bags when pruning. It has a good capacity. Very useful for carrying plants, pots and compost."

Rating 5 stars

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