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Brand definition
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Working for a large OEM, IDC helped develop its own successful vacuum cleaner through extensive US/European market and product research to identify appropriate positioning and design.

TEK First (a large Chinese OEM) engineers products for Hoover and Kenwood. The company decided it wanted to develop its own commercially competitive vacuum cleaner and sell it into the global market through a leading brand.

The first stage of the project to research current European and US products. In doing this, IDC identified the features and characteristics required for market success, and to also establish a marketing position that the bagless vacuum cleaner could be designed around.

Following research into user needs and behaviour, IDC's engineers and industrial designers worked together to develop concepts. The product concepts included the right features and characteristics identified during market research to define brand and market trends.

IDC's engineering team provided mechanical design detailing and prototypes were produced to assess the overall design.

The final product was highly successful and enabled TEK First to develop their own commercially competitive vacuum cleaner; supporting the transition from OEM to ODM.