Luxury packaging brand appeal

DQ Vodka

Luxury packaging
brand appeal

Image was key in designing a new bottle and accessories for a luxury vodka brand. From design to prototyping, IDC explored novel materials and styling; settling on beautifully engineered aluminium.

IDC teamed up with Nordic Spirit to create an upmarket Vodka brands packaging. The Vodka 1 litre bottle had to reflect the luxury goods business that DQ Vodka had become.

The project involved the engineering and designing of the bottle whilst making sure that the design could be associated with the rest of the products in the brand.

IDC finalised the industrial design of the bottle, which included graphics, style, material selection, finishings and ergonomics. The team also designed an effective neck stop and seal for the top cap.

IDC explored the manufacturing alternatives for short and long term production.

IDC was also involved in creating the 3D CAD Designs, and created a rapid prototype of the bottle cap. The team researched different available materials and manufacturing processes for the cap and the base as well as collating samples of potential materials and finishes.

“The outer container redefines the genre, being made of aluminium instead of tin, with beautifully engineered details. This is yet another expression of the modern 21st century look and feel of the DQ bottle itself,” explains Nordic Spirit. With an aesthetic design, DQ conveys quality and defines new standards of packaging for alcoholic beverages.